The drying thickness is 0.7 mm, which guarantees the thermal insulation capacity of up to 9 cm of traditional polystyrene. (TÜV SÜD OKTAGON, 2020)

TARRASCH07 is a paint-like, colourable, liquid thermal insulation material with extraordinary properties. These features make it a unique solution in the world, with an outstanding professional, developmental, and testing background. It significantly reduces material and human resources costs, while greatly increasing the stability of projects due to the speed of installation. Thanks to these features, it has a direct and serious impact on project costs; i.e., it directly increases the profit that can be generated by the customer.


  • Provides significant space savings
  • Suitable for both internal and external insulation
  • Special vapour permeability (it provides a pleasant feeling, and prevents fungal growth and nitrate precipitation)
  • A high degree of weather adaptability (insulates both in winter and summer)
  • Certified fire retardance
  • Can be dyed any colour


  • Easy to transport thanks to its packaging in 20-litre buckets. (18-20 nm).
  • Depending on the height, it can be applied with the alpine technique or a lifting device; it does not require scaffolding.
  • It does not require any preparatory work other than the thorough cleaning of the surface that will be insulated. It can be applied directly to the surface, and it retains the structure of the surface (for example, on plaster).
  • Its construction is swift and clean, one layer of insulation can be applied to 300–600 m2 per day (with 3 people working at least 8 hours per day).
  • It is water-repellent, washable, can be painted afterwards, can be wallpapered, and due to its extremely strong adhesion, it can even support plinths.
  • It completely eliminates the thermal bridge, (for example, we can  make 1cm turns on window frames to eliminate the thermal bridge. The finished surface is entirely homogeneous, so there are no seams through which air can pass).


According to TÜV SÜD OCTAGON in Munich, TARRASCH07 insulation with a thickness of 1 mm (0.7 mm after drying) corresponds to 9 cm of polystyrene insulation at 3 ° C; in colder temperatures, 0.7mm of TARRASCH07 insulation corresponds to even thicker polystyrene insulation.