OUTWIT THE ELEMENTS TARRASCH07 is a paint-like, colourable, liquid thermal insulation material with extraordinary properties. These features make it a unique solution in the world, with an outstanding professional, developmental, and testing background.

Outwit the elements

According to TÜV SÜD OCTAGON in Munich, TARRASCH07 insulation with a thickness of 1 mm (0.7 mm after drying) corresponds to 9 cm of polystyrene insulation at 3 ° C; in colder temperatures, 0.7mm of TARRASCH07 insulation corresponds to even thicker polystyrene insulation. TARRASCH07 is easy to install. After applying the first coat (0.3–0.5 mm), the second coat (0.5 mm) can be applied after a drying time of 24 hours. The combined thickness of the two coats of insulation is 0.7mm after drying, which guarantees the thermal insulation capacity of 16 cm of conventional polystyrene. The number of coats can be increased upon request, each of which extends the application process by 24 hours.


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